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Will Storage Services

Why Store Your Will?

Can you keep your Will safe from being accidentally damaged, destroyed, altered or lost?

Your new Will is very important and any of the above would invalidate it and leave your estate vulnerable. It is a valuable document which needs looking after.

If your Executors cannot find your Will when you pass away then you will deemed to have died intestate and your beneficiaries may lose out.

Download the Will Power Storage Service Information Sheet

Storing Your Will & Lasting Powers Of Attorney With Will Power

Will Power will take legal responsibility for your Will (covered by our £2 million Professional Indemnity Insurance).

You will be issued with a copy Will for you to keep at home. You and your Executors will receive a document explaining where your original Will is stored and the procedure for releasing it.

Lasting Powers of Attorney can be registered, ready for use by your attorneys without delay and kept safely so that there is no fear of them being used without your permission while you have capacity.

Your Will and any other documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, deeds, list of assets, policy documents etc., can be stored in our secure storage vault which offers:

Will Protection

Each climate-controlled vault is regulated for temperature, airflow, moisture and dust to preserve your documents for many years to come.

Will Security

State of the art fire and intruder alarm protection, CCTV camera cover and electronic access controls ensure the safety and security of your documents.

Will Tracking

Computer-controlled file movement history and tracking ensures your documents can be quickly and efficiently retrieved, whenever you need them.

There is no charge to add or remove your documents from storage in the future, and these will always be delivered to you by Special Delivery for security.

Will Storage Service Hints & Tips

        1. Keep it somewhere safe and secure where it won’t be damaged, destroyed, altered or lost.
        2. Ensure your Executors know where to find your Will and how to access it.
        3. Confirm that it will be available prior to Probate being granted.
        4. Let your Executors and family know in writing where it is stored as it’s easy to forget verbal instructions.
        5. Do not keep your will in a bank safety deposit box. When you die, the bank will be unable to open your box until your Executor receives probate and probate cannot be approved without the will.
        6. Do not attach other documents to the will. Even staples, paperclips or other marks on your will could be taken to indicate some part of the will is missing a section or an amendment. This may cause difficulties for your Executors in the future.

How Much Does Will Storage Cost?

Storage Service Only

£250+vat (Single) or £400+vat (Couple)

Standard Wills & Storage

£300+vat (Single) or £500+vat (Couple)

See also our full Will Aftercare Service which includes Will Storage. Without our Aftercare service you would need to pay for any amendments you wish to make to your Will.

You can also take advantage of a 20% discount on any additional services, for example completing Lasting Powers of Attorney or Grant Of Probate.

Download the Will Power Storage Service Information Sheet

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"Very helpful and friendly (but not pushy) staff. Everything was explained very clearly and they were very willing (and quick) to answer queries. An excellent service from start to finish."

Fast, Stress-Free & Affordable

1. Get In Touch
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2. We Listen & Take Your Instructions
Our expert consultants will listen, identify your needs and give you information on Will and important document storage. Our information service is free, and a fee requested only if you decide to proceed with storage.
3. Your Will Stored Safely & Securely
Your Will and any other documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, are stored in our secure storage vault, readily available for you or your Executors to access.

Don’t Forget

Ensure your Executors can find your Will

If your family or executors cannot find your Will after you have died, then you will be deemed to have died intestate. Find safe, secure storage for your Will and tell your family and Executors where it is stored.

If your Will cannot be found, you may as well have not made one.