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Reasons to Review Your Will

We aim to make sure that, in the event that you pass suddenly, no ambiguities are left for your beneficiaries to have to deal with. Here are some excellent reasons for arranging a new Will.

  1. Have there been changes among your family members? – Think about new additions to your family since your last Will was written. Do you have any more grandchildren? Have you remarried, divorced, or has your spouse passed on? Have your executors’ mental or physical health deteriorated? Has anyone mentioned in your Will passed away? Families and their circumstances are always changing, so you may want to make adjustments to your Will based on these changes.
  2. Have you disposed of or acquired any assets – Selling a home or buying property or any other large asset will invariably affect your Will. You want to make sure that all your assets are included in your Will so that no one in your family is left wondering about assets not mentioned.
  3. Has it been quite a few years since you’ve reviewed your Will? – It’s a good idea to review your will every five to ten years to ensure that everything is accurate, current and relevant. While we cannot control when, where, or how we die, it is completely in our power to make sure that our loved ones know our last wishes.
  4. Write a more protective Will – Have you ever considered what may happen if one of you died unexpectedly? Would the other re-marry? If so, this could cause untold problems for your family, as the law would favour any new spouse and their children before yours.

Have you ever worried about what might happen if one of you died and the survivor had to go into care? Last year 70,000 people had to sell their homes to pay for care fees. Our protective Wills can guard against these problems for you.