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Storage Service

Can you keep your Will safe from being accidently damaged, destroyed, altered or lost?

Your new Will is very important and any of the above would invalidate it and leave your estate vulnerable.

Storing Your Will

Will Power will take legal responsibility for your Will and is covered by our £2 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

You will be issued with a copy Will for you to keep at home. Your Executors will receive a document explaining where your original Will is stored and the procedure for releasing it.

Your Will and any other documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, deeds, list of assets, policy documents etc. can be stored in our secure storage vault which offers:


Each climate-controlled vault is regulated for temperature, airflow, moisture and dust to preserve your documents for many years to come.


State of the art fire and intruder alarm protection, CCTV camera cover and electronic access controls ensure the safety and security of your documents.


Computer controlled file movement history and tracking ensures your documents can be quickly and efficiently retrieved, whenever you need them. There is no charge to add or remove your documents from storage in the future, and these will always be delivered to you by Special Delivery for security.

To update your Will in the future, you would need to pay for new Wills at the current price.

Alternatively, you might wish to consider our Aftercare Service.